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The Brain Wellness and Biofeedback Center (BWB) is excited about teaming with Positive Strides in its efforts to help athletes with catastrophic or career ending injuries.  BWB is particularly impressed with Positive Strides approach to helping the athlete as a person, providing a variety of support services.  We know of no other organization that takes such a holistic approach to helping athletes in such dire need.  We are proud to be a part of the solution.

What BWB brings to the team is its highly successful, proprietary approach to neurotherapy and biofeedback.  We have had a remarkable success rate treating concussion, PTSD, traumatic brain injury (TBI), and other neural issues.  We are especially proud of our track record helping veterans who suffer from combat related issues of PTSD and TBI.  The symptoms that athletes suffer from concussions are no less dramatic.  An athlete who has suffered one or more concussions is at risk for relentless headaches, anxiety attacks, depression, and a diminished capacity for learning.

The impact at the professional level is surprisingly grim. Within two years of leaving the NFL, about 78 percent of players are unemployed, bankrupt, or divorced. Often this is due to TBI suffered in the course of the game.



Bridgett came to BWB at age 10 after receiving a blow to the back of her head during a soccer game. She went from being a happy, bright and active youngster to one unable to taste, walk, read, sleep or think clearly. Her anxiety attacks and relentless headaches were nearly incapacitating, but doctors were unable to offer more than the need to “wait it out”. After nine sessions, Bridgett walked out of the office whispering that she was “healed”. Although unable to write even a few sentences for six months, she finished eight months of schoolwork in eight weeks and learned eight months of Irish dance steps well enough in two nights to place at the top of her division at a dance competition. There was no more anxiety, no more panic attacks and no visible effects of the concussion.

Jake fell off a high dive onto a pool deck at age 11. This resulted in a partial resection of the left temporal lobe, a closed fracture, internal bleeding and a 12  day coma. When he arrived at BWB, his speech was unintelligible, he had poor motor control skills especially in his hands and he could not close his lips or swallow correctly. He had braces on his legs and arms and used only an Assistant Communication Device. After treatment he no longer needs the communication device or the braces. Both arms are strong and he can walk long distances without tiring. Academics, physical strength and abilities continued to improve. He was no longer doomed to a life of profound disability. Seven years after beginning treatment, Jake graduated from high school.

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