Our Logo Story: As athletes, sometimes we lose sight of what we are trying to accomplish, not specifically related to sports but in everyday life. We dedicate the majority of our time towards reaching perfection in our sport and making it to the next big stage. Our logo's story starts when unforeseen circumstances prevent athletes from participating in a sport that they love and have devoted their time, energy and focus to. No matter the injury sustained, athletes tend to suffer from lack of participation, loss of athletics, and most commonly, pick up bad habits. With our foundation we will help athletes overcome these obstacles and show them the pathway to a healthy, positive lifestyle.

Description of Logo: Our logo at Positive-Strides.Org has an untold story… As you see in the logo, there is a walkway, one end is extremely wide and the other is narrow. That walkway symbolizes the path to getting healthy, both mentally and physically. When athletes first begin to work with Positive-Strides.Org, they will be dealing with all of the negatives in their life, but as they begin to seek help through our foundations services and learn the tools needed to eliminate the negatives, their pathway to recovery and a positive lifestyle will begin to narrow down; making their life decisions easier to see. 


Foundation Colors:  

Orange: Is associated with joy and sunshine. It symbolizes enthusiasm, fascination, happiness, creativity, 

Blue:  Is often associated with depth and stability. It symbolizes trust, loyalty, wisdom, confidence, intelligence, faith, truth and heaven. 

Silver:  Encouragement, and removal of negativity.