Client 4


A former University of South Carolina Football standout whose athletic career took a turn for the worst when he suffered several injuries damaging three discs in his back and causing numbness in his right arm.  Deciding to follow his dream to become a professional football player and to use his talents to provide for his family, he chose to leave school just shy of graduation and signed with the Kansas City Chiefs. 

His dreams were squashed immediately when he was told by the team doctors that he was one hit away from being permanently paralyzed due to his earlier injuries which the University had chosen to ignore in order to get him back on the playing field as soon as possible.  He returned to the University in an attempt to receive the medical treatment he should have received and to complete his degree and was told by the University that they could not help him out any longer since he chose to leave early even though his medical condition was a direct result from injuries from his play at South Carolina and poor medical treatment. Currently he is in dire need of a Laminoplasty surgery, which consists of replacing three of his discs (C3 – C6) with titanium implants and due to his situation suffers from severe depression.

With your help we can provide this athlete with the chance to heal mentally and physically.



A former University of Maryland Football standout who was touted as being a potential first round draft pick in the NFL, suffered a career-ending injury while in college. Athlete #2 has undergone four major surgeries to place and replace titanium rods in both legs. Since the surgeries, he has healed physically but is still suffering mentally from the sudden career-ending injury. 

We are providing mental services through one of our sports psychologists to illustrate life after sports and to live a positive lifestyle.

Case 2


A 22 year old field hockey player who suffered seven (7) concussions and some muscle skeletal issues lead to her early retirement from field hockey field. Everyday is a mental and physical struggle for her between the headaches, dizziness and depression. She has been through three sessions of burning the nerves in the lower back (RFA's) and two surgeries on her brain removing the temporal, occipital, parietal and frontal nerves. This surgery has made her entire head numb. Positive-Strides is providing additional support through mentorship/support groups and providing access to a cutting edge treatment called Neuro-Biofeedback. Since suffering her injuries her life has changed her lifestyle in many ways. 

Case 3

CASE # 4

A recent college graduate from Catholic University in Washington DC who suffered five (5) major concussions playing lacrosse. To date, he still suffers from concussion symptoms such as lack of balance, constant headaches, etc. which do not allow him to actively participate in the sport he loves. Positive-Strides assisted athlete #4 by connecting him with former athletes whose athletic careers were cut short due to concussions. This support group not only provided emotional support but best practices. Positive-Strides will be making Neuro-Biofeedback treatment available to him.